Wednesday, November 19, 2008


All right so I am finally motivated enough to create my first post on this blog after looking over my mom's and sister's detailed entries. Hopefully I will be able to give at least some insight into my busy life at BYU, and here is the start.

A couple weeks late in coming, but I dressed up as a black girl for Halloween this year [alter ego=shanaynay] and spent the first portion of the night at work. [I am a hostess at TGI Friday's.] I got to dress in my costume along with other waiters who donned their hockey gear, or goddess attire. I must admit that I scared a few customers with my outlandish appearance.. I received a lot of double takes and outright stares in my direction.. It at first made me a bit self conscious but I just had to learn to laugh it off and just enjoy the crazy night it turned out to be. At a certain point in the night, a guy that was coming in to be seated turned the corner, and when he saw me, completely bowled over in hysterical laughter for about 5 minutes. Yeah, I can have that effect on people..

My roommate Ariel and her date Brian decided to dress up as a nurse and a messed up patient. They pull it off quite well I might add. Then my date Aaron and I "attempted" to portray a black couple. I personally think we failed miserably, which is made evident by the ghastly line on Aaron's neck from my too quick job of covering him in black girl foundation.. But at least we had fun with it right?

After Brian and I got off work [Brian is a waiter at Macaroni Grill] the night's activities consisted of getting into costume, getting our groove on at a rockin' dance party with some other friends, and finally IHOP for a late meal. I had a blast this Halloween, and love playing a random character and going all out for it. In closing, I just want to send a shout out to all my soul sisters out there.. "Hey girl, heyyyy!...."


Ariel Mae said...

Well shoot! Hey girl, HEYYY!!!

Lisa said...

Shanana!! I'm speechless!.... Wow, you look great! Even better than me in my college days. Sounds like you had a fun time.