Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching Up

All right so for New Year's this year my roommates and I went to Salt Lake for this public party thing. It turned out to be pretty lame to be honest, but at least we got out...[Four of the roommates: Ashley, Ariel, me, Liz]

[the "almost engaged" couple: Ariel & Brian]

[the unattached individuals]

[a classic Ariel & Nicole moment: my hair was very tangled]

[Ariel Brian & I at the BYU vs. Wake Forest basketball game]

Other than those specific events, I have basically just been getting through my first two weeks of winter semester. I've kept up with my reading for all my classes so far, so I guess we'll see if I can keep up with it. I've also started getting to know and hanging out with more people in my ward this semester, as I sort of developed a "homebody" label during the last month or so of last semester as I focused solely on my studies and work. Now I'm hoping to get a more balanced schedule figured out and not let myself get as stressed as I did last semester!


Lisa said...

Yeah pictures! Love your coat.

Ariel Mae said...

You are too goodness