Sunday, February 22, 2009


So this weekend I got to relax and hang out with some friends. Ariel's cousin Colin came down to spend some time with us and we had a lot of fun.

The sweet indoor pool house we partied it up in. One of my roommates hooked us up with this piece of majesty. Heated pool with jets for swimming against a current, hot tub, huge flat screen tv on the wall, and three rock slides (the tallest of which require you to wear a life jacket and helmet).

Colin and I at TUCANOS, an amazing brazilian grill restaurant. Pretty much unlimited everything, salad bar, rice and beans galore, fried pineapples and bananas. And all the delicious meat you can eat! (You should be able to see a server in the background with a skewer of tastiness in his hands.. garlic sirloin.. yes please!!)

Ariel and Brian at Tucanos. Ariel had just eaten a chicken heart for the first time. I think she secretly loved it.

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Jami said...

Hey nicole! Brazilian food is the best, I went to one of those restaurants a long time ago and need to go back, it was so good! cute pic with colin =)