Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Pictures

All right well here are some recent and some not so recent pictures that I thought someone might enjoy. Anything that gives a little insight into my life is good right?

[My makeshift portable mistletoe... I didn't get any kisses out of it though.. I'm not THAT desperate]

[Clayton and I when we were in Twin Falls for Cooper's baptism. He really enjoys my company.]

[Monthly dinner with my roommates from last year. This was for February, at Olive Garden.
Melissa, Paige, Jilian, Ariel, me
Paige had recently gotten engaged]

[Me and my current roommate Liz before going out to Happy Sumo for dinner.
I curled my hair so might as well get a picture to remember it...]

[Ariel & Brian on the night of their engagement, each calling family members and close friends to share the good news. I thought it was funny.]

[This is the spot! On a mountain overlooking Provo.]

[Me and Liz at Sub Zero. They make ice cream from milk and liquid nitrogen. I'm obsessed!]

[Roommate dinner for March at Red Robin. Kaitlyn made it to this one!]


Lisa said...

I love pictures!!! Miss you sista.

Ariel Mae said...

haha oh all of these are priceless, yet so random. I love it :) Girl..I love having you as my roomie!


Elizabeth Ainsley said...

Let it be known that I made the mistletoe hat!