Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome Spring!

So it's finally here. The time of new flowers, warm weather, and overall bliss... I'm so excited! An Arizona girl should not have to be surrounded by so much snow all the time.. it's just not natural! As wonderful as it is to welcome spring, Provo weather has yet to settle into a steady pattern. During "spring break" the week of March 16 (which was not a break for poor BYU students) I was able to wear shorts outdoors for the first time in months! So of course I was excited to put away ALL my bulky winter clothing except a couple sweatshirts, but alas the climate deceived me yet again and it began snowing soon thereafter. So for the past month I've been rotating my two lonely sweatshirts, but I refuse to get the other half of my wardrobe out of storage! Anyways, things are finally looking brighter, and I have been able to participate in some exciting events to welcome spring more fully.
Group that went to the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. This is a Hindu ritual that involves the welcoming of spring! And includes hundreds of people throwing packets of colored chalk powder at each other.. Gotta love it!
The Hindu temple where the festival was located. Isn't it gorgeous?
Crowd surfing! For a while there we were all looking around desperately so someone would not be thrown on our heads... Scary!
Michelle. She was the only one of us brave enough to crowd surf!
Caleb. I have him to thank for the lovely green smeared all over my face.
Brandon. Someone attacked only the left side of his body. Nice effect.
Final color accumulation. What a day!

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Lisa said...

Looks like fun! I like the last picture of you- classic colee! Miss you and love you lots!